Mind the Gap

Apologies for the gap in posting, which is entirely because I’m working on the edits for Air War whilst also trying to get the last few chapters of War Master’s Gate down, and is not at all to do with buying Skyrim.

Warcraft, Lovecraft and Horrible Things

But not on this site – and not kinden stories. I’m proud to announce some new writing that’s turning up here and there in the next few months. You may recall my story The Dissipation Club that was published in the collection “Dead but Dreaming 2” – I also submitted a story for a similar […]

Javert in Space!

OK, I lie. But Javert in the future, anyway. Just been to see In Time and it’s a very well done piece of proper SF with some involving action sequences and a tight cast of good actors. It’s one of those Big Concept pieces of SF (1), and the basic idea (that in the future […]

The Usual Suspects

Thieves are back. Possibly they never went away but were just being sneaky. They’re a staple of fantasy fiction that goes back to its most influential roots (1), and recently there’s been a grand resurgence of books specifically showcasing thief leads. (1) And I’m not qualified to go into the whole mythic archetype businss but, […]