12 non-festive cartoons

Because it’s the season, my gift to you is a dozen cartoons that have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas whatsoever. I make no warranties as to whether they have anything to do with humour, either. Click on each one (hopefully) for a larger image. Anyway:

Helmess Broiler and Jodry Drillen

Contains some spoilers for book 4 and later. Brief diversion on the writer’s art to look at these two characters, a brace of Beetle-kinden politicians. Unprepossessing stuff, surely. However, what the two of them, bitter rivals as they are, demonstrate is the ability of characters to get completely out of control. Along with many writers, […]

War in our time

It is with trembling hands that I type: the first draft of book 9, “War Master’s Gate” (1), is finished. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s been a rough ride. I’m slick with blood up to the elbows, and my normal protests that the story unfolds of its own momentum, with minimal fiddling […]