Convention Seasons starts here(ish) (Updated 27/1/12)

I now have some firm details on panels for SFX and Alt Fiction and there are some nice meaty subjects to get stuck into: 12pm Friday 3rd February at SFX, I'm doing "Elf Preservation: without magic and monsters, it's not fantasy. Is it?" Expect me to get my Peake on unless someone beats me to it. UPDATE: I will also […]

The Reality Gap

Not to be confused with SF series by either Stephen Donaldson or Peter F. Hamilton. And, yes, they say make your blog entries short and pithy, but when I get my rant on it's hard to stop, Explains why the books tend to break the 200,000 word barrier, certainly. And before I start, the Shadows of the […]

All sorts of stuff roundup

Firstly, for those waiting for the regular paperback format of Heirs of the Blade, the arrival of a box of author copies informs me that this will be released soon (Amazon says 2nd February(1)). Anyone wanting to get the first signed copy can shanghai me (2) at SFX, as they should be about for that weekend. […]

Gemmell Award 2012 Nominations

They're in! And both the Sea Watch and Heirs of the Blade are on the long list for the Legend Award (best book) (1). These are the fantasy awards, after the David of the same name, voted for by you, the readers. If anyone would like to support the home team (2), voting is accomplished here. […]

Interview: Janine Ashbless

Something different today as I talk about someone else's writing for a change and interview author Janine Ashbless. Janine wrote me the short story, The Scent of Tears, written — under another name — for this site, a strong story whose elements (with Janine' s approval) are actually feeding into the main series plot as we speak. Janine already has […]

And it's 2012

And nuts to the Mayans (1). I will shortly have a crack at another post on computer games, this time with the spotlight on role-playing (or lack of same), but currently research is, er, taking up all my time. For now, just a quick update. The various projects that I previously mentioned I was contributing to are now all up […]

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