News update

or suddenly realizing it's been a while since the last post. There is a schedule up now for Alt Fiction, which has some good-looking stuff in it. It's an event I've much enjoyed in past years, and looking good this year too. Somewhat late with this one, but I have a blog post up at the Tor blog here where I basically […]

Picocon & back

Picocon is a really nice little convention, for anyone looking for places to be next year. Imperial College put on a very good show — guest talks, panel discussion, destruction of dodgy merchandise with Science, and at no time whatsoever was there combat to the death with fish. Justina Robson and Tricia Sullivan gave a pair of very thought-provoking […]

Future visions

… grand title for glorified news post. Quick event update: this weekend I’m guest of honour at Picocon alongside serious SF authors Justina Robson and Tricia Sullivan, and am going to have to make some sort of speech. I have no fricking idea what I’m going to say, a state of affairs that may persist until I stand up […]

SFX 2012 Reportage part 3

OK so: the good people from were good enough to collar me for an interview, focusing on the challenges offered by short stories, which interview will presumably be up on their site some time soon, and on the Saturday evening there was a Gollancz (/Orbit?) party that was crammed full (literally) of Names (not literally), […]

SFX Reportage part 2

Saturday kicked off with entirely failing to catch the SF Legends panel because Rum but I did get the Urban Fantasy panel after it — Mark Newton chairing, and Paul Cornell, Sam Stone, Stacia Kane, Ben Aaronovitch and Benedict Jacka (whose Fated comes out shortly) discussing. Urban Fantasy is a hot topic for sure, but seldom actually put to […]

SFX 2012 reportage part 1

(because there's a lot and I am trying to keep these damn posts short) SFX 2012 — absolutely the best yet — as a convention they have been getting bigger and better since the first in 2010, and I was very happy to see that as well as the film & TV slots (1), the relatively small number of literary […]

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