Watch the Skies!

Not a plug for Paul Cornell’s “Saucer Country” but instead the first breath of wind that heralds the arrival of The Air War. As pointed out by Mark Guest in a comment to the last post, the 8th book of Shadows of the Apt will be out 2nd August, meaning I should start thinking about […]

Letters from the War Front

I’ve read it’s bad practice to blog about how the writing is going, but book 10, man. Seal of the Worm. I had Air War and War Master’s Gate pretty well plotted beforehand – the process was quite tight, quite blow by blow. I tend to not set pen to paper (1) until I’ve got […]

Mars, Hunger, Rice

… sounds like an avant garde sequel to Eat, Drink, Man, Woman but anyway. John Carter is good if not great. Beautiful visuals, definitely liking the Tharks (Willem Dafoe’s (voicing of) Tars Tarkas in particular). Too much earth stuff at the beginning (there’s a whole horse-chase bit that surely could have been cut) and the […]

Crossed fingers for the red planet

Next Friday, John Carter opens in cinemas (in the UK anyway). There has been a lot of scuttlebutt (1) circulating about the PR for this film, or lack of same, much of it placing the blame on Disney who are releasing it(2). Certainly, although it’s a project that various filmy sort of people have been […]