Book 10 Update and Cabin in the Woods

Soooo, we’ve got to that hilarious third act section of book 10 where I keep getting these fantastic ideas about stuff I absolutely have to include, only that means I would have to rejig the entire end third of the plot to fit in this, by now, irresistible idea. So, spent considerable time faffing about […]

Alt Fiction and further doings

Alt Fiction last weekend – and 2 cons on the trot is a bit wearing on body and soul, especially when I managed to clock a 20 hour day on the Saturday. The early start was the fault of the remarkable time it takes to get from Leeds to Leicester – longer than it does […]

A Talk with George – Eastercon 2012 part 3

So Saturday really was something of the sort of late night that I (poor tame creature that I am) haven’t had since university. However something seriously off about the beds in the place ensured I was up bright and early for the fantasy politics panel (Jared Shurin of Pornokitsch moderating Hail Carriger, David Durham, Jude […]

A Talk with George – Eastercon 2012 part 2

Blimey, but I make a meal of these writeups. Will try and hurry things along. Up bright and early to the sort of cooked breakfast that seemed mostly made by people to whom cooking isn’t their first language, save for the mushrooms, which were so remarkably good that I can only assume there was one […]

A Talk with George (1) – Eastercon 2012 part 1

Eastercon 2012 had three win conditions, namely [1] put in a good showing at my own particular panels, [2] see at least some of the other panels [3] have a writer to writer (2) conversation with George R R Martin. Arrived lunchish Friday in the company of Justina Robson, fellow Leeds-based writer, and was treated […]

Easter Eggs for Everybody

Eastercon write up will come soon, but following on from a comment a few posts ago – happy Easter! And in general celebration I do indeed give you an Easter Egg, being deleted scenes from Heirs of the Blade. In the original version there was quite a digressive subplot near the beginning involving Tynisa, Gaved […]

Guest post on the Tor Blog: The Great Big Series

is here. And no, I am not GRRM’s identical twin. He has eclipsed me in my own post, apparently! And for those who saw this before the correction, no, I have no idea what a “Tog blog” is either.

Eastercon Schedule

Damn me, but there is a lot of good stuff at Eastercon, enough that I would need about three of me working in shifts to see all the panels, talks, readings etc. that caught my eye. (Link to schedule here.) My own appearances at the con are: Friday 6th – 5pm – room 12 – […]