Some ads you cannot parody.

Samsung Galaxy (untranslatable squiggle) III ad, actual text: "It knows it's early It lets you have an extra 3 mins in bed It tells you where the nearest coffee shop is It chooses the best photos from last night It knows when you're looking at it and when you're not. At last a phone that understands you." And the tagline: "designed for […]

Writing about Race at SF Signal plus more news

Over the last few months Zach Jernigan has been conducting a long-distance interview on the subject of race in fantasy writing. His interviewees are David Anthony Durham, Aliette de Bodard, Ken Liu and myself, and it's been a privilege to be amongst that company and get to talk around that subject. Zach put a huge amount of work […]

All sorts of news

So, something of a news update in brief, but: I have been asked to make a showing at Nerd East, the Larp fair at Durham on 9th June 2012. There may be some manner of speechifying. The speech may include recycled elements from my Picocon speech. See how green I am? I'm constantly trying to reduce my inspiration […]

Twenty Year Dream

Way way back in the early 1990's I was at university and I was running an RPG campaign using a horrible mishmash home-grown system I had slung together. The setting was a place called the Lowlands. Instead of elves and dwarves, it was populated by a pack of oddities known as the insect-kinden. There was a Beetle intelligencer called Stenwold, a Mantis Weaponsmaster […]


OK — I'm on the final attack run for the last book of the series — everything speeds up at this point, so no time to write. Also working on Super-Unpublishable Project Zeta, several non-kinden shorts and my writing group project. Upshot: Damn all time for proper blog posts. However: This is phenomenal : This is […]

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