FP Small Press Expo

…went very well. Elbow room only, a good chance to meet authors and/or catch up with acquaintances. The new “Hauntings” anthology from Newcon seemed to do very well, and there was a sort of feeding-frenzy mass signing by the authors. Presses represented were Myrmidon, Snowbooks and Jurassic as well as Newcon. At the same time, […]


Just a brief note to say that my story “21st Century Girl” is in the Futures section of this month’s Nature magazine, and can also be read here. Enjoy. Next stop Forbidden Planet 1pm onwards 30th June  for the small press expo.

I’m doing what for Edge Lit?

This is something of a cautionary tale about agreeing to do things and then forgetting that you did. The Edge Lit (Derby Quad, 14th July) schedule has come together, and I’m pleased to announce that I will be: 10am Digital Workshop – running a workshop about world-building 2pm Meeting room – joint reading slot with […]

Snow White and the Huntsman – Right and Wrong Notes

Caution – spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the film. I was a bit thrown when I saw the trailer for this, as it was apparently advertising an entirely different film whose full title was “Snow White and the Witch and the Wardrobe of the Rings of Thrones”. Which was basically what we got, by […]

Nerdeast and Writing About Race updates

The schedule for Nerdeast on 9th June in Durham is set – I will be giving some sort of talk, hopefully assisted by fellow author Russell Smith, from around 3pm. We’ll be the last people on, so if anyone fancies grabbing a drink (1) afterwards that’s probably a good time – also for getting stuff signed […]