Signing the Air War

It looks as though I shall be in London on Friday 10th in order to complete in the Olympic book signing repechages (1). I will fill this post out with details as it’s not clear whether or not I’ll be doing a live signing on the day – if so it will be at the […]

The Big Reveal

Firstly, Edge Lit was a great weekend, and particularly thanks to my full house of workshop-goers (workshoppers? workshoplifters?) and the people who came to hear me and MD Lachlan read. All credit to Alex Davis and his team for organizing the event. Secondly, however, it’s New Contract Time! Specifically, and thanks to the tireless efforts […]

To Boldly MMO

So, being as The Air War is out in 2-3 weeks and I’m doing Edge Lit next weekend (1) the time is obviously ripe to talk about game design in MMORPGs. (1) With my first ever workshop, no less, about which I am bricking it. Role-playing in computer games came up briefly as a tangent […]