Heterotrumpetry, part 2

…does not sound any better than the original. Anyway: Five Things that  they haven’t filmed yet, but should Not necessarily Things from this year, admittedly, and my heart has been gladdened by news that Lauren Beukes’ Zoo City is actually getting attention in this way, as is Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (and supposedly the rights […]

Blowing Someone Else’s Trumpet – part 1

Actually that sounds entirely wrong now I think about it. Anyway, it’s that season when we look back on the year with a sense of vague unease and disappointment and then Tezcatlipoca buries us under a mound of flaming jaguars (1). So: enough of me, but I thought it was would be worth looking at […]

The evolution of a cover

After the last post, Alan Brooks has pointed me at some of the stages and deviations the Sea Watch cover went through. I’m hoping Alan will perhaps do a guest post on the various stages of the business, as there’s a lot I never really guessed at – as a reader you just see the […]

New Covers!

Firstly, I am proud to present the reissued covers for Scarab Path and Sea Watch courtesy of Alan Brooks: I’m particularly proud, in a bizarre kind of way, of the Sea Watch one, not because it looks vaguely like me, although that was a weird coincidence, but because I kid myself that I can see […]