…for no post recently. It's in a good cause: I'm getting well and truly stuck in to the new series, and having enormous fun with it. New anthology news (1) is that I have a proper SF piece in Solaris Rising 2, a rather nice-looking anthology whose pages I share with such luminaries as Paul Cornell and Nick Harkaway, out in March. […]

Writing for a Good Cause

Just a very brief post to announce that a couple of Shadows of the Apt stories have found a wider audience. Firstly, I am in some shockingly good company in the anthology Triumph Over Tragedy, now available on Amazon. This contains my story Spoils of War, originally debuted on this site, and I am joined by the remarkable ensemble cast […]

New Year, New Beginnings

I confidently expect the final proofs of War Master's Gate to land on my doorstep any day now, which is always the most rushed and least fun part of the whole publishing circus. However, that will be my last farewell to the book until it hits shelves in August this year. It should be a good […]

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