Brave New World

Not the new series this time. Instead, I bring you: Aethernet, the return of serialised science fiction and fantasy. Serialised genre fiction has been pretty much confined to the fossil record for a while, but what with all the changes going on in publishing — and especially e-publishing — it's something that's been talked about as a possible […]

Tor Q&A and Edge Lit

Quick post to say that I'm now confirmed for Edge Lit at the Derby Quad on 13th July 2013  for those that fancy it. It's a very pleasant, quite varied, small-scale literary event, and there are usually a decent crop of writers there. Also, in the lead-up to the release of the paperback (or anyways smaller paperback) […]


Although the Elder Scrolls Online trailer has given me sufficient food for thought for a second stab at the MMO genre, I'm still weighing the wisdom of taking up arms against that particular sea of troubles. However, I did want to set out the various conventions and other shenanigans I'm down for this year, in case anyone […]


Bibliography Novels Shadows of the Apt (Tor UK) Empire in Black and Gold (2008) Dragonfly Falling (2009) Blood of the Mantis (2009) Salute the Dark (2010) The Scarab Path (2010) The Sea Watch (2011) Heirs of the Blade (2011) The Air War (2012) War Master's Gate (2013) Seal of the Worm (2014) Short Stories 2011 The […]

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