2015: A Year in (the very few) Film(s I actually got to see).

The dread condition known as “being a parent and having two jobs” continues to cramp my film watching style. Although there weren’t that many films I desperately wanted to see that I didn’t get a chance to. Perhaps “The Lobster”. Although I I may have misunderstood what it’s about. Certainly the scene with the giant […]

New story (as promised) – The Last Ironclad

I’ve been getting my teeth into some more short story writing before the bell tolls and it’s round one for the next actual book (book 9, title still up in the air, unfortunately (1)). This new offering is The Last Ironclad and, as the title suggests, it’s a direct follow-on from Ironclads, which you should […]

Short story – Loyalties by Adrian Tchaikovsky

To go with David’s art, here’s a story about Ant-kinden in general, and one Ant-kinden in particular. Balkus, Scuto’s renegade Sarnesh friend, is only a bit-player in Empire in Black and Gold, but he has more important things ahead of him in Dragonfly Falling. here then is a chapter from his earlier days, making a living as […]

Ant-kinden – Art by David Mumford

The military power of Ant-kinden city-states has dominated the Lowlands since the revolution. Using their Art to link minds, to fight and work together with flawless discipline, they would have conquered the world by now, save that they reserve their most abiding loathing for Ant-kinden of any other city but their own. Renegade Ants, those […]

The Ants Go Marching…

Warfare amongst the Kinden changed irrevocably after the Apt revolution, and continues to change with each artificer’s refinements. In the Lowlands the main model for an army is that of the Ant-kinden, who hold themselves supreme in the field of mass combat ;(1). The other major Apt model is that of the Wasp Empire’s many […]

Cradle of Civilisation

The dominion of the Moth-kinden before the revolution was mostly referred to by its masters as “ours”, but by the other old Inapt powers as the Shadowlands or the Darklands after the Moths’ nocturnal habits. After their fall, and the rise of the Beetle and Ant-kinden free city-states, the term “the Lowlands” began to be […]