Let Me Axe You Something 2 : Another Big Axe

Well, obviously my nemesis Doctor Penguino (1) has had word of my general allergy to awards, because I suddenly find myself on the David Gemmell Legend award shortlist! Seriously, though, I am insanely grateful to everyone who cast their vote for me. This is the first time I’ve clawed my way onto a shortlist, and […]

Arthur’s ‘Alf Dozen

A woman tries to rebuild her husband’s mind using the machine that dismantled it; a botanist touches the soul of a planet; the mind of a warship plots revenge on the powers that destroyed it; a photographer tries to come to terms with his inexplicably dead wife; a scientist experiments with a drug that allows […]

Let Me Axe You Something

It’s that time again, a small trumpet-blowing post appealing to your love of democracy (1). The David Gemmell awards longlist is up, and War Master’s Gate is on it. Although I have a well-advertised allergy to any kind of award – meaning that the world, out of consideration for my fragile health, has ensured I […]

Shotgun Linkstorm, awardage and conventions for 2014

Shotgun Linkstorm is most definitely my new band name. Anyway, dragging myself from the hibernation pod for another year I discover it’s 2014. It’s way too early in January to expect anything coherent so: Super Secret Project Zeta I will most definitely have some news on this, probably even next week. It’s very exciting. To […]