New short story: The Dreams of Avaris

Slightly delayed, owing to technical difficulties (1), here is the second kinden short story, telling the tale of a Spider-kinden freebooter cut loose in the occupied Commonweal. (1) translation: I’m rubbish.

Short Story: The Dreams of Avaris, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

To complement David’s Spider-kinden artwork, here’s the promised spidery story. Download the story on PDF here

New kinden art: Spider-kinden by David Mumford

In the “kinden” section (and also in the Art section) there’s a new piece by David Mumford showing the Spider-kinden in their glory, and this will soon be complemented by a piece of original fiction that follows one such devious individual on a journey through the war-torn Commonweal. Spider-kinden don’t make much of a showing […]


The short story Ironclads has been posted in the Bonus material section. Before plotting its invasion of the Lowlands, the Wasp Empire cut its teeth in a drawn-out campaign against its north-western neighbour, the Dragonfly Commonweal. The war stretched over twelve long years, and although the eventual outcome was a resounding success for Imperial military […]

Short Story – Ironclads

Download Ironclads, a new short story set in the Shadows of the Apt universe. (Click through for download) ironclads-by-adrian-tchaikovsky