The best of what’s left of…

Like many author-bloggers, I do a year-end thing about books of 2014(1). I try to stay away from a “best of” list. I’ve posted through the year on books I liked, and what’s best is very subjective based on when you read it and what is juxtaposed with it (2). Hence, I would direct you […]

More Good Work

It’s about time I talked about someone else for a change, so here is another set of books I’ve read and enjoyed, and feel should be better known. I came across John Guy Collick’s Thumb (1) in a random Facebook exchange. You get a lot of books thrown around on FB, and many of them sound […]

Other People’s Trumpets

I figure I’ve talked enough about how I’m shortlisted for the Gemmell Legend Award and desperately need every vote I can get so I want to highlight some excellent stuff I’ve read recently. I’ve been on something of a reading spree , mostly because I’ve been travelling around and that tends to give me more […]

You Might Also Like…

I did get through a metric crapton(1) of books this year, and a lot of them were very good. I’m not going to do a ‘best of’, but I want to flag up a few reads that people might not have come across, and that I think deserve some attention. If you’re looking for a […]

Pushing Boundaries

Apropos of absolutely nothing, a post about how to jump the checkpoints of genre with such elegance that the border guards don’t even have time to get their guns out. Genre distinctions are one of those evergreen topics for convention panels, and the eventual consensus tends to be that no, they don’t mean anything, but […]