Cartoon for March

Busybusy with secret projects, but here’s a thing to be going on with.

Bard to the bone

Who’s up for a bit of culture? Specifically Shakespeare! (waits) Anyone left? Or was everyone poisoned by tedious literature classes? My confession: I love Shakespeare. I used to act(1) in an amateur dramatics company back in Reading and we did a Shakespeare every year in the Abbey Ruins, which was a pretty good venue for […]

January Cartoon and more bad art

So it’s January, and though I’m working up a post about non-human characters, it isn’t ready yet, so here’s some art. Firstly, a cartoon to kick the year off. A bit of Harry Potter in fact.  I have gone one further than that, and recently acquired a drawing tablet, because drawing by hand and then […]

December Cartoon

Just a little fun for December, which otherwise is looking bleak.

Cover reveal and bonus cartoon

First things first, the cover for The Tiger and the Wolf is up, and very lovely it looks too. So I appear to have become the nemesis of Barry Nugent of Geek Syndicate who is… not fond of spiders. David Montieth, his co-presenter reviewed Children of TIme on the show (and has recently put up […]

Return of the Pod People

Just a brief piece, as I am currently laid low with a severe case of the edits. I posted a while back about how I’d caught the podcast bug but good, and more recently went into some detail about Dissecting Worlds (whose espionage series has recently wrapped up). I have been expanding my reach into […]

The Life of a Writer

One of the many things I am not is a webcomic artist. However, this was not always the case. My past has murkier things in it than you can possibly imagine. I once ran a strip for the BBC Berkshire website, and I have cartooned for Mongoose publishing (kind of briefly) and a few other […]