Casting Call : The Tiger and the Wolf

The paperback edition of The Tiger and the Wolf is now on the shelves, and so I’m following my own recent tradition of dream-casting the not-at-all-happening movie of the film.Shadows of the Apt and Children of Time, would have difficulty translating to screen, I think – the former because of the high-concept axioms of the fantasy work, […]

The Time of the Children is Nigh!

I regret to announce that I won’t be doing my annual readthrough of the Clarkes shortlist this year because of a thorny little conflict of interest. It appears that someone did, after all, think of the Children (of Time) and Portia and her little friends have scuttled their way onto the shortlist. Is this a […]

Casting Call: Guns of the Dawn

So the paperback edition of Guns of the Dawn is now out, and to celebrate I thought I’d mock up an entirely spurious casting of the film that Hollywood is surely clamouring to make (1). I had fun when I did this for the 10-film epic of Shadows of the Apt (2). For the sake […]

Casting Revealed: Shadows of the Apt III – Revenge of the Insects

And here we go again, following on from Empire in Black and Gold and the rest of the first plot arc, and finishing with a special sneak preview. The Scarab Path Jodry Drillen – Phil Avery(1), Accius/Malius (the Vekken) – Lance Reddick, Berjek Gripshod – Giancarlo Esposito Praeda Rakespear – Freema Agyeman, Hrathen – Danny […]

Casting Revealed – Shadows of the Apt II: the Kinden Strike Back

And we’re on with the rest of the books – thanks again to everyone as per last post. This lot have a decided Game of Thrones feel to them. The casting for Empire in Black and Gold can be found here. Dragonfly Falling, Blood of the Mantis, Salute the Dark Nero – Peter Dinklage, Emperor […]

Casting revealed: Shadows of the Apt – the movie

There is no movie. Just keeping that out there. But I have had an enormous number of suggestions from here, FB, Twitter and just basically people in the street, so we now have a cast! Thank you to everyone who chipped in (list at the end, but let me know if somehow I’ve missed you […]