Spiderlight cover reveal

In August, Tor.com will be publishing my novel Spiderlight, which will be my first US-side release for… a long time, actually. It will also be available in the UK, and possible elsewhere. Possibly I’ll do a signing tour of Mirkwood. The cover for the book has just been revealed and I give you it here. […]

The New Face of the Insect Kinden

Tor UK has now released brand new e-book editions of Shadows of the Apt! These are currently the new -e-book covers, although they make such a beautiful set that I’d love to see them on a paper copy some day. I love the details on these – both foreground and background. Cover design here is by […]

New Covers!

Firstly, I am proud to present the reissued covers for Scarab Path and Sea Watch courtesy of Alan Brooks: I’m particularly proud, in a bizarre kind of way, of the Sea Watch one, not because it looks vaguely like me, although that was a weird coincidence, but because I kid myself that I can see […]

What do you call a man with a mantis on his head?

Answer: Neil Gaiman. This isn’t (just) me being childish, but I have somewhat taken a shine to the cover of “Prince of Stories”, a sort of definitive roundup of pretty much everything Gaiman’s done to date. Aside from being an invaluable asset to anyone interested in the man’s writings (and all manner of other creativity) […]