A Shot in the Pods

So, I have discovered podcasts. This does not, I am aware, do much for my reputation as a global trend-setter. Actually, for the longest time I didn’t even know what a podcast was. Coming from a Larping background I just assumed it was the thrown weapon equivalent of a pod shot. This development came from […]

Avengers: Age of Convention

Is just a cheap device to lure unwitting Marvel fans to the site, really. But I am super-pumped(1) by the Avengers 2 trailer that was either leaked or put out by Marvel or something, but whateverthehell, it looked good. But yes, the end of an era: the Age of Convention is over. 2014 has been […]

Running to keep up

OK so: a very hurried round-up of past crimes will have to suffice for this post: Fantasycon was great fun – I don’t know if it was the hotel (the Royal York) which was the fanciest of any con this year, and definitely superior to the place that the con was at for two consecutive […]


That Adrian Tchaikovsky, all he does is post about conventions. Well yes,, that does seem to be the case just now, but mostly because all I do is go to them. Fantasycon, and then Titancon the week after, and then I get some breathing space before Bristol. Seriously, though, I have post ideas backing up. […]

The Long Con (1)

My resolution to do fewer conventions this year got a serious crotch-kicking over the last few weeks. I’ve already sung the praises of Celsius 232 in Aviles, and I’ve just got back from a mammoth series of London shenanigans starting with Nine Worlds and ending with the World Science Fiction Convention aka Loncon 3. First […]


I just flew back from Celsius 232 in Avlies, Asturia (1) which has got to be the most refreshingly different convention of my acquaintance. Conventions, in general, get out and about as much as bears in winter, generally lurking very much within the confines of their hotels – although Loncon 3 will shortly test this, […]

The Season Approaches

…in which I shall be hellish busy. The voice of the convention is heard in the land. Before the details of that, though, some heads up: Yes, Seal of the Worm is officially out tomorrow (3rd July). Some people already have their copies. The final volume of the Shadows of the Apt is upon us. […]

World Fantasy Convention – Where I am at.

31st October to (counts on fingers) 3rd November is when mild-mannered bespectacled Fantasycon tears off its shirt and reveals the bare nipples of World Fantasy Convention 2013, and if we’re thinking bare nipples in the UK, we must of course be talking of Brighton. I am at this, as a very minor footnote to a […]

Nine Worlds Geekfest and the Week of Geek 2014

So, that was Geekfest, a large-scale convention that came out of nowhere around the beginning of the year, funded itself via Kickstarter, occupied a large chunk of two big hotels at Heathrow and had a mind-bogglingly bewildering variety of panels, lectures, games and activities for fans of just about all tastes. And it was, frankly, […]

Destination August

Just a brief post to give my schedule for the doings on 8th August and for Geekfest. On 8th August I’m signing at the Milton Keynes Waterstones (Unit 72, Midsummer Place, Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes) at 2pm. After that I will be doing hopefully a reading, a Q&A and signing at Leadenhall Market Waterstones (2-3 Whittington […]