The Sound of Guns: sneak preview of Guns of the Dawn

Well, perhaps not the sneakiest of sneak previews as this is the section I toured with through 2014 — if you heard me read at a convention, this was likely the piece. However, it's a nice, concise bit and it gives the flavour of the book very well.
Emily Marshwic, our hero, has gone from being a gentlewoman in the Lizzie […]

Warcraft, Lovecraft and Horrible Things

But not on this site — and not kinden stories. I'm proud to announce some new writing that's turning up here and there in the next few months.
You may recall my story The Dissipation Club that was published in the collection "Dead but Dreaming 2" — I also submitted a story for a similar collection from Miskatonic River […]

Javert in Space!

OK, I lie. But Javert in the future, anyway. Just been to see In Time and it's a very well done piece of proper SF with some involving action sequences and a tight cast of good actors. It's one of those Big Concept pieces of SF (1), and the basic idea (that in the future time is currency […]

The Usual Suspects

Thieves are back. Possibly they never went away but were just being sneaky.
They're a staple of fantasy fiction that goes back to its most influential roots (1), and recently there's been a grand resurgence of books specifically showcasing thief leads.
(1) And I'm not qualified to go into the whole mythic archetype businss but, suffice to say, legendary tricksters […]

Heirs of the Blade — further reading.

Keen-eyed readers may have noticed that Heirs of the Blade brings in a number of characters previously seen in the short stories on this site. This is obviously because of my immense skill in foreshadowing and plotting ahead and not at all because several of those characters just wouldn't leave me alone until they got a serious […]

A quote is for life…

Well! Less than a month til the release of Dragonfly Falling (1). Another story soon, this time to do with the Moth-kinden, or sort of. Hopefully also a little reference piece on art and literature in the Lowlands. We'll see (3).
However, I acquired some new reading material this Christmas, and I wanted to share a couple of quotes with you, one bizarre, […]

Flies and Prejudice

One of the reasons I’m so in awe of Gene Wolfe is the amount of very scholarly debate inspired by his work. Now, I’m not in his league when it comes to utterly, intricately baffling (1) writing, but hola, what’s this? Following the review at Eve’s Alexandria (an extended version of the earlier SFX magazine […]

Do You Feel Lucky, Steampunk?

There were just plain punks, of course. Still are, probably, if they can sufficiently distance themselves from Vivian in the Young Ones. The iconic hair and attitude are memes that has survived the actual subculture's descent into the voracious jaws of commercialism (1). Especially the attitude, and the curious legacy it left in the nomeclature […]

Faceless Stormtroopers

Because that's the point, after all. Stormtroopers with faces would be creepy. You might have to think a bit before you mowed them down in swathes.
Because you've got to have orcs, right? Or insert your alternative — urgles(1) or cultists or zombies, demons, in short — minions. Dread legions of mindless (and most often useless) minions, […]

I have People to Read that For Me

Just a brief post. I promise a full scale rant in the near future, probably as a much-threatened sequel to this post (1)
However, whilst out trawling the net (2) I came across this very informative little piece by James Long of Speculative Horizons. Fantasy authors who don't read fantasy. What is one to think?
Now, as I hope that I've made clear by my […]

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