Mad For Max

Mad Max: Fury Road is hands down my favourite film so far this year, and it's set a high bar to get over for the remaining six months. I have a somewhat odd record with the previous 3 films — the original film didn't interest me all that much — it lacks the gonzo post-apocalypse elements of the later […]

A Year in Film

Well I did this last year. That makes it a Tradition (1). This is going to be short, though. Looking back over 2014's cinema releases provokes the two unavoidable conclusions that, firstly, I really didn't get to see many films, and secondly, most of those were with my son, ergo pitched towards a certain demographic. What I didn't get to […]

Heterotrumpetry, part 2

…does not sound any better than the original. Anyway: Five Things that  they haven't filmed yet, but should Not necessarily Things from this year, admittedly, and my heart has been gladdened by news that Lauren Beukes' Zoo City is actually getting attention in this way, as is Clarke's Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (and supposedly the rights […]

Mars, Hunger, Rice

… sounds like an avant garde sequel to Eat, Drink, Man, Woman but anyway. John Carter is good if not great. Beautiful visuals, definitely liking the Tharks (Willem Dafoe's (voicing of) Tars Tarkas in particular). Too much earth stuff at the beginning (there's a whole horse-chase bit that surely could have been cut) and the need […]

Crossed fingers for the red planet

Next Friday, John Carter opens in cinemas (in the UK anyway). There has been a lot of scuttlebutt (1) circulating about the PR for this film, or lack of same, much of it placing the blame on Disney who are releasing it(2). Certainly, although it's a project that various filmy sort of people have been talking about […]

Films v Games

Thieves later, films now. Or: not film. This is just something that I've started noticing, and it's hard to ignore. There's a lot of fuss at the moment about computer games eating into the profits of the film industry — just the same fuss, as MovieBob has pointed out in his Studio System set of articles, as […]

Conan 2, Hyperborean boogaloo

… anyway … Hmm, Ok, so I wasn't unqualifiedly in love with the movie, but Bob "Movie Bob" Chipman, whose opinions I normally chime with, says here: "Nobody really seems to give a damn about Conan the Barbarian" which would be a terrible thing to be true. It would be the death of a lot of potential fantasy films in […]

Prepare for Hyper(borean)speed

In which I continue watching films as a pretext for making awful puns in the title. And yes, spoilers, spoilers, spoilers for the new Conan film. I have been heard to say that before Peter Jackson made Fellowship (1) there wasn't a fantasy film out there that you could cite as a good film without then going on to say […]

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