I, Beholder

I’ve been meaning to pen a thing about online RPGs, to go with my long-ago posts on paper and live ones. There’s a ton of this sort of stuff about, of course – Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate. However, first off: Eye of the Beholder Possibly nobody else even remembers this. It was a […]

World of Bugcraft -and- new story

Firstly, there’s a new story up, Counterspies by Adam Gauntlett, which you can find here. Secondly, some of you may be aware of a dalliance entitled World of Warcraft (1). Well now, one feature of this global pastime is something called the armory, wherein you can look up all manner of things. And search the […]

The Real and Ancient Game, part II: Less ancient, more real

So… I’m standing in a block of perhaps twenty men and women forming a compact fist at the centre of the battle-line. Around us, our fellow countrymen make the numbers up to a couple of hundred, arrayed behind and to either side of us with an order that few of our allies can match. The […]

The Real and Ancient Game (1)

“There is a ten-foot by ten-foot room here. There is an orc. He is guarding a chest.”   For better or for worse, role-playing games.   There are very few things (2) that a man could admit to doing that would throw more of a pall of geekishness about him. I say “a man” because […]