2015: Attack of the Release Dates

Very brief post to say: I have release dates for both of my novels coming out next year. Huzzah, I say. Guns of the Dawn, my sort-of-Napoleonic/Regency fantasy, is being released on Thursday the 12th of February, and for the first time ever I will be in Forbidden Planet on the evening of that very […]

Seventeen flavours of news

Firstly, regarding the advent of the Great Aethernet Adventure, if you hop over to its site you can see fellow author Ian Whates getting a grilling. Also, the regular paperback sized Air War is out and to mark it, my usual blogging has been somewhat diverted to the Tor UK site. Therefore, there’s a double […]

Carta Mundi, and a little extra news

Firstly, I am very happy to present a complete (to date) set of maps for the world of the Insect-kinden here – and when I say complete, I include a map of the Commonweal, as a sneak preview from Heirs of the Blade. For the news, very briefly: Rebis, one of my all-time favourite publishers, […]

And some late news: Barnes & Noble pick of the month

Yes, yes, own trumpet, but even so this is rather nice. Barnes and Noble have set out their picks for September, each of which will get a going over on their site over the next few days. 9th September is Empire in Black and Gold. Some impressive company I’m keeping, too: Martin, Erikson, Sanderson, Abercrombie, […]

News roundup: Fantasycon, New cover art and cheap kindling.

Latest news from the world of the insect-kinden: Firstly, I will be at Fantasycon 2011 this year (1) and I’ve been asked to sit on a panel on Trends in Fantasy Fiction, 10am Saturday. I will hopefully be essaying a reading too, as the five people who came to the last one at Alt Fiction […]

News Update

A new picture has gone up in the Art section, this by the very talented Daisy Abbott. The digital people at Macmillan are just setting up an email for the site, but thereafter I will be taking submissions for further book-based art, so any artists, or friends of artists, out there, watch this space. In […]

Empire in Black and Gold: SFX Interview

Read SFX’s interview with Adrian Tchaikovsky here.