Another shot in the pods (plus book news)

Been a while, usual reasons. In this case the endgame of Children of Time 2 (Arachnid Boogaloo) is very mind-consuming, as indeed are some of the things contained therein. So: I’m moved to do a brief post about podcasts, as it’s been a long old while. I’m particularly moved to this because a number of […]

And so this is Christmas, and what have you done…?

About to sign off for the festivities, and I wish everyone a splendid holiday in good company. There are a few things I particularly want to note my thankfulness for. Thank you to pretty much everyone I’m in contact with on social media for not in any way spoiling The Force Awakens. I am similarly not […]

Repeating the Mistakes of History

I was going to go with “Never Learn Anything from History” but then remembered that was actually the first Kate Beaton collection title, so that would have been rude of me. If you don’t know Beaton’s “Hark! A Vagrant” webcomic, then you really should. Another podcasty episode. On that subject, Tea and Jeopardy. my favourite, […]

Cover reveal and bonus cartoon

First things first, the cover for The Tiger and the Wolf is up, and very lovely it looks too. So I appear to have become the nemesis of Barry Nugent of Geek Syndicate who is… not fond of spiders. David Montieth, his co-presenter reviewed Children of TIme on the show (and has recently put up […]

On the Edge of Nine Worlds

I’ve just got back from Edge-Lit (1), the Derby-based genre lit convention that seems to be going from strength to strength. I missed it last year owing to Loncon and general overconventionisation, but it had an enormous guest list and I got to catch up with all sorts of fun people. I did a panel […]

Return of the Pod People

Just a brief piece, as I am currently laid low with a severe case of the edits. I posted a while back about how I’d caught the podcast bug but good, and more recently went into some detail about Dissecting Worlds (whose espionage series has recently wrapped up). I have been expanding my reach into […]

Knights of the Scalpel

I blogged a while back about getting massively into podcasts, which remains a definite thing whenever I am going from place to place and not able to bury my nose in a bo0k. I am currently awaiting new episodes Tea and Jeopardy, Geek Syndicate, Rachel and Myles X-plain the X-men, Shut Up And Sit Down, […]

A Shot in the Pods

So, I have discovered podcasts. This does not, I am aware, do much for my reputation as a global trend-setter. Actually, for the longest time I didn’t even know what a podcast was. Coming from a Larping background I just assumed it was the thrown weapon equivalent of a pod shot. This development came from […]