A Very Inhuman New Year To You All!

So I feel I’ve been putting in the hours on my inhuman characters, what with the protagonists of Children of Time and this year’s release of Spiderlight from Tor UK, as well as more human examples like the insect-kinden, or the shapeshifters of The Tiger and the Wolf. I first got into SF for the aliens. When I […]

In Defence of the Prequels

In celebration of a certain film, and because this is a time of year to be POSITIVE damnit, I am going to push my goodwill and seasonal cheer to the limit and set out TEN THINGS I liked about the Star Wars prequels. There will be spoilers for the prequels, but it’s not like that […]

2015: A Year in (the very few) Film(s I actually got to see).

The dread condition known as “being a parent and having two jobs” continues to cramp my film watching style. Although there weren’t that many films I desperately wanted to see that I didn’t get a chance to. Perhaps “The Lobster”. Although I I may have misunderstood what it’s about. Certainly the scene with the giant […]

Cook’s Books part 2

Very tempted to call this one “Too Many Cooks” but that would be entirely unjust. This follows my earlier post going over the first half of Hugh Cook’s Chronicles of an Age of Darkness series which, for ease of reference, can be found here. We’ve seen so far a fantasy series with buried Old-tech elements, […]

Terry Pratchett 1948-2015

Literature has lost one of its greats today. Not just genre literature, but literature as a whole – a household name and a man of a profoundly complex canon presented wrapped in two often underrated fields: speculative fiction and comedy. It is probably a small thing, on the grand scale, but my most personal tribute […]

Six Posts for the Price of One!

Cheap at half the price. Yes, I’ve been a bit slow on the ol’ blogging, from a certain point of view (1). From another point of view, I’ve been blogging like crazy, just in a Lovecraftian way that’s been going on superimposed over the reality you know, and yet entirely invisible to feeble mortal eyes. […]

Cook’s Books

Hugh Cook’s Chronicles of an Age of Darkness are a weird and wild ride. A couple are well regarded, most are obscure, and I think the series took a general sales nose-dive in its second half. They were written between 1986 and 1992, so immediately after both the Belgariad and the first Shannara trilogy had […]

Fresh Dates and Rotten Art

It’s that time of year again. I’m currently busy dealing with a number of Secret Projects, which I hope I will be able to spill the beans on soonish, but right now, here’s a fairly bare bones list of Things I Am Doing this year. As one of them’s in a fortnight, I figured I […]

A Year in Film

Well I did this last year. That makes it a Tradition (1). This is going to be short, though. Looking back over 2014’s cinema releases provokes the two unavoidable conclusions that, firstly, I really didn’t get to see many films, and secondly, most of those were with my son, ergo pitched towards a certain demographic. […]

2015: Attack of the Release Dates

Very brief post to say: I have release dates for both of my novels coming out next year. Huzzah, I say. Guns of the Dawn, my sort-of-Napoleonic/Regency fantasy, is being released on Thursday the 12th of February, and for the first time ever I will be in Forbidden Planet on the evening of that very […]