Let Me Axe You Something 2 : Another Big Axe

Well, obviously my nemesis Doctor Penguino (1) has had word of my general allergy to awards, because I suddenly find myself on the David Gemmell Legend award shortlist!
Seriously, though, I am insanely grateful to everyone who cast their vote for me. This is the first time I've clawed my way onto a shortlist, and it's with book 9 of […]

Breaking the First Rule of Fight Club

So a couple of weeks ago I was at the unveiling of (wait for it) The Lost Second Book of Nicoletto Giganti. This is not a sequel to a fantasy blockbuster about giants. Instead, it’s an early 17th century fencing manual. Fellow author Anne Lyle was also there, and her report is here.
This is a fascinating example of how the […]

Let Me Axe You Something

It's that time again, a small trumpet-blowing post appealing to your love of democracy (1).
The David Gemmell awards longlist is up, and War Master's Gate is on it. Although I have a well-advertised allergy to any kind of award — meaning that the world, out of consideration for my fragile health, has ensured I never get near any — […]

Friends, Foes and Rivals

You have probably seen this link by now, at least if you live anywhere near my corner of the Social Mediadrome. The response has been pretty much what you might expect, with people essentially picking it up, carrying it to a big stack of wood and setting fire to it. Lynn Shepherd has been villified, accused […]

So, You Don't Like Twilight

So, genre and gender is still making the SFF industry look ridiculous, now sufficiently so to catch the derisive attention of reporting well outside the genre, and at the same time as the ripples from that farrage(1) were still crossing the water, (NK Jemisin has a good take on it here) we got Foz Meadows' report that […]

The MMOs of yesteryear

TIme for something relatively trivial.
I like MMORPGs. They're the game genre I've spent most time playing for the last seven or eight years, with occasional excursions for Skyrim, Portal 2 and a few others. When I started off there was a small number of them (1) and I played just the one. Now there seem to be hundreds and I've […]

Shotgun Linkstorm, awardage and conventions for 2014

Shotgun Linkstorm is most definitely my new band name. Anyway, dragging myself from the hibernation pod for another year I discover it's 2014. It's way too early in January to expect anything coherent so:
Super Secret Project Zeta
I will most definitely have some news on this, probably even next week. It's very exciting. To me, anyway.
The Year […]

Pillars of Salt

Or, time for a brief glance backwards. It's been a mixedsort of year. A lot of people I know have had a rough time of it for various reasons — illness, personal problems and the vicissitudes of the writing game amongst them. The industry has lost a lot of people. It has been something of a subdued year all told.
On the plus side, […]

You Might Also Like…

I did get through a metric crapton(1) of books this year, and a lot of them were very good. I'm not going to do a 'best of', but I want to flag up a few reads that people might not have come across, and that I think deserve some attention. If you're looking for a good, solidly written book with a different […]

Transporter Beam Forwards, Apparate Back

"Everyone in fantasy books is always resorting to the "old magic". Why isn't the new magic better? That's what I want to know," said Obi-Jon (@jonthepo0le) on Twitter, possibly not expecting to get taken up seriously on it. My knee-jerk answer was "because then it would be science-fiction." (1)
Wouldn't it?
Okay, let me expand briefly — and […]

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