2015: Attack of the Release Dates

Very brief post to say: I have release dates for both of my novels coming out next year. Huzzah, I say.
Guns of the Dawn, my sort-of-Napoleonic/Regency fantasy, is being released on Thursday the 12th of February, and for the first time ever I will be in Forbidden Planet on the evening of that very day, signing books for […]

The best of what's left of…

Like many author-bloggers, I do a year-end thing about books of 2014(1). I try to stay away from a "best of" list. I've posted through the year on books I liked, and what's best is very subjective based on when you read it and what is juxtaposed with it (2). Hence, I would direct you to my post here where […]

I am Dungeon Master…

Typing that quote from the old cartoon, it occurs to me that, if you’re a bunch of kids lost in a hostile and alien world, hearing that from a little bald gnome is probably more reassuring than from an enormous bearded guy.
Following up on my previous post about the release of D&D Next/5th Edition, I can now report that […]

Who Dunnits

For me, when I was a kid, there was one reason I watched Doctor Who. Not the TARDIS, not the Doctor, not even the time travel, but the monsters. Each storyline, the big thrill would be the monster reveal — sometimes terrifying, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes, er, disappointing (1). I loved the monsters; I wanted to know more about them as […]

A Shot in the Pods

So, I have discovered podcasts. This does not, I am aware, do much for my reputation as a global trend-setter. Actually, for the longest time I didn't even know what a podcast was. Coming from a Larping background I just assumed it was the thrown weapon equivalent of a pod shot.
This development came from three directions at once, like atoms combining in a badly-researched […]

It's been a long road : some favourite moments from Shadows of the Apt

Does it seem a long time ago, that we were sitting with Sten and Tisamon and Marius in Myna, waiting for the Empire to come kick in the gates?
Back when Empire in Black and Gold was first released, as well as short stories and general fanfarage (1), I had some help from my good friend David Mumford in […]

How Did It Come To This : The Insect-kinden in their own words

I. Lives of the Monster Insects (from the secret histories of the Moths)
“An age ago, before all records, before metal was smelted, before writing began, the great insects came.
That was a world with different skies, with strange beasts, with stranger people. But the insects were the end of them. They hunted the beasts, they devoured the people, […]

Nom Nom Nom

Well, just a week to go before I find out that Brandon Sanderson has beaten me out for the Gemmells, the swine . However, some unexpected news on the awards front comes from the British Fantasy Society, who announced their 2014 shortlists tonight.
You can find the full listing here, but a few names certainly leap out. I am […]

Casting Revealed — Shadows of the Apt II: the Kinden Strike Back

And we're on with the rest of the books — thanks again to everyone as per last post. This lot have a decided Game of Thrones feel to them.
The casting for Empire in Black and Gold can be found here.
Dragonfly Falling, Blood of the Mantis, Salute the Dark

Nero — Peter Dinklage, Emperor Alvdan II — Cillian Murphy, Uctebri […]

Casting revealed: Shadows of the Apt — the movie

There is no movie. Just keeping that out there. But I have had an enormous number of suggestions from here, FB, Twitter and just basically people in the street, so we now have a cast! Thank you to everyone who chipped in (list at the end, but let me know if somehow I've missed you off).
I'm doing this […]

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