Stockies 2015

I have taken my saw and hacked off the end of the previous post, and performed other grievous surgery, because I wanted to talk about the British Fantasy Holdstock Award 2015 in more detail. As noted, I’ve actually read the shortlist this year – mostly by apparently being psychic when picking reading material last/this year. […]

A Great Big Pile of Books

The title generator has finally given up the ghost! Metaphor, snark and dubious pun stocks are at an all time low! Dig for victory! Sooo much to cram into this podcast, so very brief nod to Octocon in Dublin, which was great fun and highly recommended. Maura McHugh and Emma Newman were superb GoH’s, the […]

More Good Work

It’s about time I talked about someone else for a change, so here is another set of books I’ve read and enjoyed, and feel should be better known. I came across John Guy Collick’s Thumb (1) in a random Facebook exchange. You get a lot of books thrown around on FB, and many of them sound […]