Events update again.

Very brief post to confirm the Oxford Waterstones signing on the 9th April will be a 2pm. Tomorrow for the Leeds Waterstone alongside Robson, Remic & McMahon, please do come along if you can. End of the month is Pyrkon over in Wroclaw, Poland. I’m doing a talk. Apparently. This is a bit new, and […]

Events update

A little jig around but: 12th March – 11am-1pm signing at Leeds Waterstones in excellent company, vis Justina Robson (last book of her Quantum Gravity series just out!), and Gary McMahon and Andy Remic who write for Angry Robot. 9th April – signing at Oxford Waterstones – time to be confirmed. This is the 5th […]

My Life for the Forseeable Future: Events

The next few months have suddenly turned busy, as a number of threatened signings and events have materialised. So, here’s the social calendar: 4th-5th February – SFX Weekender convention at Camber Sands. 11th February – signing stock for Forbidden Planet and Blackwells bookshop in London – not an actual signing but there will be signed […]

Big Enough to Choke a Bear…

Was my first thought when I got a big ol’ box of The Scarab Path from Tor UK this week. Yes, I did write it, but I had no idea it would be so enormous in print. Anyone who felt they were missing some pages from Blood of the Mantis will find them in Scarab […]

The Dawn of a New Age

Yes, yes, not been posting much recently, but busy with the book, don’tcherknow. Or books, to be precise. Book 5 (The Scarab Path), which has been running a bit late, has finally been packed off, and I won’t see it again until it’s actually in print (release date start August). Book 6 (The Sea Watch) has […]

Sign Your Life Away

And we have some signing dates for the release of Salute the Dark. These are: Weekend of the 5th February – SFX Weekender convention, at which I will be signing books, either at a pre-arranged time or just mug me as and when the opportunity arises. Mid-panel is probably not recommended. Saturday 13th February – […]