Feast and Famine is now out!

(Usual apologies about the delay, excuses re being busy with writing etc. etc. etc. Seriously, I’ve had the line edits in for Seal of the Worm, on a murderous deadline, so it’s all true. But I should blog more, I know). Anyway, we rejoin our irregular viewing with a piece of blatant and shameless self-promotion! […]

Hordes of the Things

I did that last post too soon, didn’t I? Because each of the following is also a Thing that I should report, namely: I have been interviewed by London Calling, and that is a Thing that you can find here. There’s a good picture of me with the Invisible Man, before we went our separate […]

Destination August

Just a brief post to give my schedule for the doings on 8th August and for Geekfest. On 8th August I’m signing at the Milton Keynes Waterstones (Unit 72, Midsummer Place, Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes) at 2pm. After that I will be doing hopefully a reading, a Q&A and signing at Leadenhall Market Waterstones (2-3 Whittington […]

Colonising new habitats

First of all, and God protect and preserve me, but I am now on Twitter @aptshadow . Please boost my following if you’re a fellow sufferer. I may occasionally say something amusing, or at least make snarky comments on things other people have said (1). Secondly, and far more excitingly… The Adrian Tchaikovsky Short Story […]

Brave New World

Not the new series this time. Instead, I bring you: Aethernet, the return of serialised science fiction and fantasy. Serialised genre fiction has been pretty much confined to the fossil record for a while, but what with all the changes going on in publishing – and especially e-publishing – it’s something that’s been talked about […]


Although the Elder Scrolls Online trailer has given me sufficient food for thought for a second stab at the MMO genre, I’m still weighing the wisdom of taking up arms against that particular sea of troubles. However, I did want to set out the various conventions and other shenanigans I’m down for this year, in […]

Next Big Thing

I appear to have got involved with some sort of devious meme called the Next Big Thing, and have been tagged by the redoubtable Tom Lloyd in his post here. So conjured, I can but obey. And, because I am always on the look out for opportunities to give away snackies, my Next Big Thing […]

Fantasycon: been and gone; and new story

I think I’ve been a little overconned this year. I count six events, and judging by how spaced I felt on the Friday of Fantasycon that might have been too many. However, once I recovered my equilibrium, it was a good weekend, full of catching up with other writers. Friday, of course, was also the […]

New Story: Cities of Silver

This is going to be the last short for a while, as I’m on the very cusp of starting on Book 9, which so far going under the working title of “I haven’t the faintest idea what the title will be” or, given that my publishers have a fondness for punchy titles, “I haven’t the […]