(Beware, this list takes the cast up to the end of Salute the Dark. There may be spoilers)

Aagen – Wasp artificer
ACHAEOS – Moth seer and raider, lover of Cheerwell Maker
Adax – Tarkesh Ant, duellist at the College
Adran – Wasp soldier, member of the Broken Sword
Adraxa – Ant, one of Scuto’s agents in Helleron
Akalia – Vekken Ant Tactician, killed at the siege of Collegium
Akta Barik – Scorpion, gangster of the Halfway House
Alder – Wasp General of the 4th Army (“The Barbs”)
ALVDAN II – third Emperor of the Wasp Empire
Ananus – Maynesh Ant officer, Auxillian Captain
Archedamae – Mantis, one of Scuto’s agents in Helleron
ARIANNA – Spider student, Imperial agent in Collegium
Artelly Broadways – Beetle Smuggler out of Collegium
Atryssa – Spider, companion of Stenwold and lover of Tisamon
Axrad, Wasp pilot in Solarno

BALKUS – Sarnesh Ant, one of Scuto’s agents in Helleron
Basila – Tarkesh Ant intelligencer, killed by Wasp forces
Berdic – Wasp Rekef Major assigned to Szar
Big Greyv, Mole Cricket artificer, apprentice of Drephos
Bolwyn – Beetle, Agent of Stenwold’s in Helleron
Breaken – Beetle, Elias Monger’s guard officer
Brodan, Wasp Lieutenant in the Rekef
Brugan, Wasp Rekef General
Brutan – Wasp slaver

Cabre – Fly artificer of Collegium
Carvoc – Wasp Colonel of the 4th Army
Cesta, Assassin Bug assassin in Solarno
CHEERWELL MAKER (CHE)- Beetle, Stenwold’s niece, a College scholar
Chefre – Fly gangster accompanying Salma
Chudi, Thorn Bug barman at Aleth on the Exalsee
Chyses – Soldier Beetle, resistance fighter in Myna
Cosgren – Beetle thug
The Creeve, Soldier Beetle/Ant Pilot from Chasme
Cydrae, Mantis warleader at Sarn
Czerig – Bee artificer, Auxillian Captain

Daklan – Wasp Rekef Major in Vek, killed by Lorica
Dalre, Dragonfly servant of the Destiavel in Solarno
DARIANDREPHOS (Drephos) – Wasp/Moth halfbreed artificer, Auxillian Colonel
Dariaxes – Fire Ant officer at Collegium
DESTRACHIS – Spider gangster and doctor
Draywain – Imperial Beetle merchant
Drevane Sae, Dragonfly insect rider from Princep Exilla

Edric – Wasp Colonel of the 4th Army
Elias Monger – Beetle, Stenwold’s cousin, a magnate of Helleron
Eriphinea (Phin) – Moth assassin, mercenary working for the Rekef

Falger Paldron – Beetle, duellist and student at the College, Inigo’s nephew
FELISE MIENN – Dragonfly noble and duellist
Founder Bellowern, Imperial Beetle magnate and collector
Fragen – Wasp sergeant in Szar
Franeme, Soldier Beetle taverna owner in Myna
Freigen – Wasp factor for the Consortium of the Honest
Frezzo, Fly Messenger from Collegium

Gaff – Firefly gambler and Arcanum agent in Sarn
Gan, Wasp Governor of Szar
Gaved – Wasp hunter, mercenary working for the Rekef
Genissa of the Destiavel, Spider Domina of Solarno
Gjegevey – Woodlouse scholar, Imperial advisor in Capitas
Godran – Wasp agent in Collegium, later in Helleron, Major
Graden – Beetle artificer of the Great College
Gramo Galltree – Beetle “ambassador” to the Commonweal, based in Suon Ren
Graf – Wasp agent, Rekef Lieutenant in Collegium
Greenwise Artector – Beetle, one of the ruling council of Helleron
GRIEF IN CHAINS – Butterfly dancer, later called Aagen’s Joy, later Prized
                                                of Dragons
Grigan – Wasp Major, engineers, 4th Army
Gryllis – Spider, business partner of Hokiak

Halewright, Beetle magnate, councillor of Helleron
Halrad – Wasp Captain
Haroc – Wasp Rekef Lieutenant in Vek
Havel, Wasp agent, Rekef Captain in Solarno
Hofi – Fly barber, Imperial agent in Collegium
HOKIAK – Scorpion black marketeer in Myna
Honory Bellowern – Beetle, Imperial agent of the Consortium of the Honest
Hornwhill – Beetle artificer at Collegium
Hreya – Wasp slave in Myna, freed by Thalric

Inaspe Raimm, Dragonfly Monarch of the Commonweal
Inigo Paldron – Beetle, magnate of Collegium

Jemeyn, Solarnese Soldier Beetle rebel
Jons Allanbridge, Beetle adventurer from Collegium
Joyless Greatly – Beetle artificer and aviator of Collegium

Kalder, Wasp Lieutenant, member of the Broken Sword
Kaszaat – Bee artificer, apprentice to Drephos, Auxillian sergeant
Khenice – Solder Beetle, resistance fighter in Myna
Kori – Fly quisitor, mercenary working for the Rekef
Krevus – Ant, slave of the Wasps
KYMENE (the Maid of Myna) – Soldier Beetle, resistance leader in Myna
Kymon – Kessen Ant, Master of Ceremonies at the Collegium duelling society

Laetrimae, Mantis ghost trapped in the Shadow Box
“Last Chance” Fraywell – Beetle gangster in Helleron
Latvoc – Wasp, Rekef Colonel
Lineo Thadspar – Beetle statesmen, Speaker of the Assembly of Collegium
Linewright – Beetle, Assembler of Collegium
Lorica – Ant/Wasp halfbreed, Rekef agent in Vek
Lyrus, Ant halfbreed agent in Sarn

Maan, Wasp Intelligence Major of the 4th army
Maczech, Bee Princess of Szar
Malia – Ant, gangster of the Halfway House in Helleron
Malkan, Wasp General of the 7th army
Marius – Sarnesh Ant, companion of Stenwold
Marre – Fly, agent of Scuto in Helleron
Mathonwy – Woodlouse doctor in Jerez
MAXIN – Wasp advisor, Rekef General in Capitas
Morleyr – Mole Cricket deserter in Salma’s army

NERO – Fly, noted artist and companion of Stenwold
Niamedh, Solarnese Soldier Beetle pilot
Dr Nicrephos – Moth, doctor in Collegium
Nivit, Skater hunter in Jerez
Norsa – Wasp healer, Eldest Daughter of the Mercy’s Daughters order

Odyssa – Spider, Rekef Lieutenant
Oltan, Wasp, quartermaster at Myna
Otran, Wasp, tax collector

Palearchos, Moth renegade Skryre
Pallus – Tarkesh Ant, gangster of the Halfway House in Helleron
Parops – Ant officer of Tark, Tower Commander
Pater Bradawl, Beetle, Founder Bellowern’s guard captain
Phalmes – Soldier Beetle bandit leader, ex-Auxillian
Pinsar – Beetle, prize-winning poet
Pireaus – Mantis, duellist at Collegium
Plius – Tseni Ant merchant in Sarn
Praeter, Wasp General of the sixth army

Queen of Sarn, Ant ruler

Raeka, Wasp slave of Tegrec
Rakka – Scorpion, agent of Scuto in Helleron
Rauth – Wasp, intelligencer at Myna
Reiner – Wasp, Rekef General
Rowen Palasso, Beetle factor in Helleron, patron of Tisamon

SALMA (SALME DIEN) – Dragonfly nobleman and duellist
Saltwheel – Diving Beetle artificer from Scolaris in Lake Limnia
Scadran – Beetle/Wasp halfbreed, Imperial agent in Collegium
Scelae – Mantis agent of the Arcanum in Sarn
Scobraan, Solarnese Soldier Beetle pilot
Scordrey – Beetle magnate, councillor of Helleron
SCUTO – Thorn Bug, Stenwold’s chief agent in Helleron
SCYLIS (SCYLA) – Spider, magician and spy
SEDA – Wasp Princess, sister to Alvdan II
Sef, Water Spider slave from Scolaris in Lake Limnia
Seladoris – Spider, duellist at Collegium
Sfayot – Roach traveller
Sinon Halfways – Ant/Moth halfbreed, chief of the Halfway House fief in
Skrill – Skater/Soldier Beetle halfbreed, scout and agent
Skrit, Skater servant of Nivit in Jerez
Sperra – Fly, agent of Scuto in Helleron
STENWOLD MAKER – Beetle spymaster, College Master at Collegium
Sykore – Mosquito agent of Uctebri

te Berro – Fly, Rekef Lieutenant
te Frenna, Fly pilot of Solarno
TE SCHOLA TAKI-AMRE (TAKI), Fly aviatrix at Solarno
Tegrec, Wasp Major, Governor of Tharn
TEORNIS of the Aldanrael, Spider Lord Martial, Aristus of Seldis
THALRIC – Wasp, Rekef Major and spymaster
Thanred, Wasp Governor of Capitas, Colonel
TISAMON – Mantis weaponsmaster
Toran Awe – Grasshopper Auxillian militia in Myna
TOTHO – Beetle/Ant halfbreed, artificer
Tseitus – Ant artificer of the Great College
TYNISA – Mantis/Spider halfbreed, Stenwold’s ward, duellist

Uctebri the Sarcad – Mosquito mystic, prisoner at Capitas
Ult, Wasp gladiator trainer in Capitas
Ulther – Wasp Governor of Myna

Valdred, Wasp Lieutenant from Capitas

Waybright, Beetle merchant, Assembler of Collegium
“Wen”, Solarnese Soldier Beetle rebel

Xaraea, Moth agent of the Arcanum at Tharn

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