I’ve just got back from Edge-Lit (1), the Derby-based genre lit convention that seems to be going from strength to strength. I missed it last year owing to Loncon and general overconventionisation, but it had an enormous guest list and I got to catch up with all sorts of fun people. I did a panel on Is Grimdark Dead (2), another on Are We Already In the Future (3) and ran most of a workshop on world building, which was scary as hell because this time about half the audience was comprised of published authors. So, you know, how to suck eggs, really. But anyway…

I was also very flattered to be asked to guest on an episode of the Starburst Bookworm podcast (and I swear I was asked on the day, and it wasn’t the wages of my last blog post) along with Jonathan Green, author and Fighting Fantasy impressario. I highly recommend checking out the recording, which is out now here.

Next up in a couple of weeks I have Nine Worlds, the great big Heathrow geekathon, and I have a few panels to announce:

I shall be Creating a Monster at 1.30 on Friday the 7th August along with Stark Holborn, Jen Williams, Rebecca Levene, David Monteith and Tom Fletcher. Being the enormous podcast fan that I am, very excited to meet David Monteith, who is always great fun on Geek Syndicate.

I shall then be mixing my SF with my fantasy at 3.15 on the same day, with Gaie Sebold, Zen Cho, James Smythe and James Oswald.

On Saturday I don my enormous scarf, fez, frock coat, trainers and terrible Scottish accent (4) for some Dr Who related business with:

At 1.30 I am discussing Peter Capaldi his life and times, although mostly times, and mostly as pertains to being a Time Lord, along with Duncan Lawie, Una McCormack and the redoubtable L. M. Myles

Shortly thereafter at 5pm I will be peering into the metal bowels of Dr Who and transhumanism along with Sarah Groenewegen, Paul Cornell and Una McCormack.

And that’s my lot – hope to see you there.

(1) and boy are my… ah, forget it.

(2) No.

(3) No.

(4) My accent that is. I’m not impugning Peter Capaldi’s for obvious reasons.

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