the-tiger-and-the-wolfFirst things first, the cover for The Tiger and the Wolf is up, and very lovely it looks too.

So I appear to have become the nemesis of Barry Nugent of Geek Syndicate who is… not fond of spiders. David Montieth, his co-presenter reviewed Children of TIme on the show (and has recently put up a written review here) but sadly Barry does not… rejoice in spiders. This led to my suggestion that I’d be the impetus for him to gain superpowers, and now I am apparently the evil mastermind behind a plot to overthrow all of Geek Syndicate and… profit? I even have minions. It’s all getting rather out of hand.

  1. Morning lovely people! It’s the dreaded day of the week. But cheered me up with revelations about and secret bases

  2. So, Mr Nuge, I’ve been expecting you…

  3. you’re stroking a giant spider now aren’t you?

  4. am trying but it’s seriously not cooperating

    There’s a lot more of that sort of stuff on Twitter, and you should check out the episodes too, not least because it’s a fantastic podcast. However it also led to the below piece of idleness. I’ve been wanting to get a few more cartoons up on the site, just because it’s a thing I used to do, and there’s that business about lights and bushels, and so I give you the reason most criminal masterminds choose cats.


Image (5)


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