I probably won’t be able to keep up this kinden per month business that much longer, not because I’ll have run out of kinden (several million left to go) but because it’s an artificial restriction on the content of stories. I’ll still pop back for the odd showcase, and more art from David, however.

This month, however, roaches. Roaches make an entrance in Dragonfly Falling with Sfayot and family. The insect-resemblance is not so much their ability to survive anything (though they are a resilient breed) so much as the despite they are viewed with. In those lands that they habitually travel, there are few who are pleased to see them or have a good word for them. In the same way that the humble cockroach, marvel of efficiency that it is, is so savagely maligned, so the poor Roach-kinden, one of the least harmful of the kinden, carry the burden of a bad reputation.

The story, Spoils of War, that shows our friend Sfayot’s escapades a few years before his appearance in Dragonfly, can he found here.

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