For Salute the Dark being none other than book 4 of Shadows of the Apt by some hack or other, is now into pre-sales and you can see some details, as well as the frankly wonderful cover by Jon Sullivan here. My personal feeling is that this is the best cover yet, and Jon managed to nail my mental picture of Achaeos, especially his face, which is remarkable as the sketches I sent in certainly didn’t (I am, in all honestly, a sub-indifferent fumbler with a pencil).

In other news, I will shortly be on my first overseas tour as Rebis, publishers of the Polish-language editions, have invited me over to Poland between the 4th and 8th of November this year. I don’t have a precise itinerary yet but I’ll be strung between Warsaw and Krakow most likely. Rebis have put together a beautiful website here which is a work of art and well worth a look.

Finally, I’m going along to the SFX Weekender in February, as a very minor light in what looks to be a remarkable constellation of Big Names from the genre. Looking down the list I feel I might end up more as fan than guest, but I shall do my best to avoid making a fool of myself too much. The details of the SFX Weekender are here.


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