Following on from the critically acclaimed soundtrack for Empire in Black and Gold, I now prolong this exercise in vanity just so far. Be warned, here be Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read Dragonfly Falling.

 Dragonfly Falling (un)original Soundtrack

Track 1 – The Wasps come to Tark (The Blitz, from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by Harry Gregson-Williams)

Track 2 – Tisamon and Felise (Tooth and Claw, from Doctor Who series 2 by Murray Gold)

Track 3 – Tarkesh Night Battle (Hanging, from Plunkett and Macleane by Craig Armstrong)

Track 4 – Salma in the Wasp Camp (Escape, from Plunkett and Macleane by Craig Armstrong) (1)

Track 5 – Parops’s Orders and the Fall of Tark (Anakin’s Betrayal, from Revenge of the Sith by John Williams)  (2)

Track 6 – Salma and Grief (Houses of Healing, from Return of the King special edition by Howard Shore) (4)

Track 7 – Collegium Prepares (‘Where is the Horse and the Rider’, from The Two Towers special edition by Howard Shore)

Track 8 – Scuto on the Workbench (Gelt’s Death, from Battle Beyond the Stars by James Horner)

Track 9 – Harbour Assault (Davy Jones, from Pirates of the Caribbean 2 by Hans Zimmer)

Track 10 – Vekken Inside the City (Breach of the Deeping Wall, from The Two Towers special edition by Howard Shore)

Track 11 – Teornis’s Victory Parade (Farewell Apollo, from Battlestar Galactica series 4 by Bear McCreary)

Track 12 – The Mantis-kinden (The Warrior, from Lord of the Dance by Ronan Hardiman) (5)

Track 13 – The Battle of the Rails (Raid on the Castle, from Prince Caspian by Harry Gregson-Williams)

(1) Because it would be a crime against music to separate those two tracks.

(2) In actual fact this isn’t the perfect piece of music for this – what I wanted to point to here was a track from the soundtrack of Gunbuster, a fantastically obscure giant robot manga involving intergalactic dust mites that move at relativistic speeds (3), but my CD, obtained after a lengthy hunt, has a Japanese sleeve and I couldn’t even reliably say which track I mean, let alone the name of the composer. For the purists, the best I can do is suggest the 22nd track on the CD (that I have), which appears to be labelled M10.

(3) I’m absolutely serious.

(4) I know, I know, this and track 10 are far too close to the originals, but when the music fits, what can you do?

(5) Yes, that Lord of the Dance

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