In the Mythology panel I was on at Alt Fiction with KD Laity and Mark Chadbourn, the topic came up of writers who created their own enduring mythologies. Tolkien got an airing, of course, but also in the spotlight were writers like Tove Jansson (1) and, of course, HP Lovecraft. Mark pinned Lovecraft as almost in a category of his own, a man who did not particularly set out to create a mythos, but whose ideas sparked so much in the minds of his readers and fellow writers that these days the crawling tentacles of his work have crept just about everywhere in (and even out) of the genre – with homages in film, graphic novel, music and more. Specifically, linking to Lovecraft has become almost a badge of honour for genre writers.

So, it’s opportune that I throw my own comedy Mi-go hat into the ring (2) and proudly announce that my first professional short story is coming out courtesy of Miskatonic River Press in a collection entitled Dead But Dreaming 2. This is not an insect-kinden story, obviously, but instead follows paranormal investigator Walther Cohen (3) as he delves into the sinister secrets of… The Dissipation Club. I’m particularly proud, as well, to say that this story was written for the Deadliners, the twice-yearly writer’s group I go to, which shows that such groups are definitely worth it.

(1) Some of that Moomintroll **** is terrifying, man. The Hattifatteners will get you if you don’t watch out.

(2) My friends went to Yuggoth and all they got me was this oh my god I’m a brain in a jar!

(3) I’ve written a few about Mr Cohen, and another such, with a less Cthulhoid feel, will hopefully appear in a new anthology edited by Andy Remic some time soon.

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