… grand title for glorified news post.

Quick event update: this weekend I’m guest of honour at Picocon alongside serious SF authors Justina Robson and Tricia Sullivan, and am going to have to make some sort of speech. I have no fricking idea what I’m going to say, a state of affairs that may persist until I stand up in front of people and open my mouth, unless I actually get down to it.

Picocon is run by Imperial College, London, but is open to all. I will be happy to sign stuff, and there are some panels as well.

I have given in and shelved my first Larp event of the season to pitch in at Eastercon, which this year has something of an epic fantasy flavour. I will be on a couple of panels, and maybe signings etc. I have been promised the chance to be in the same room as George R.R. Martin.

Within a week of that there’s Alt Fiction in Leicester, and Fantasycon 2012 looming at some point beyond which, going by the flagship picture on the site, is apparently being held in the sea. Busy year.

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