Just a very brief post to announce that a couple of Shadows of the Apt stories have found a wider audience.

Firstly, I am in some shockingly good company in the anthology Triumph Over Tragedy, now available on Amazon. This contains my story Spoils of War, originally debuted on this site, and I am joined by the remarkable ensemble cast of: Elizabeth Bear, Mark Lawrence, Robert Silverberg, Tobias Buckell, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Philip Athans, Michael Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, Bradley P. Beaulieu, Michael James Sullivan, Alex Bledsoe, Tim Marquitz,  Jean Rabe, Ari Marmell, Erik Scott de Bie, Rick Novy, R.T. Kaelin, Donald J. Bingle, Alex Shvartsman, Maxwell Alexander Drake, SM Blooding, Jaym Gates, T.L. Gray, C.S. Marks, Marian Allen, Bryan Young, Vicki Johnson-Steger, Sarah Hans, Janine Spendlove, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, C.J. Henderson, Steven Saus, Addie King, Doris Stever, Matt Bone, Elisabeth Waters, Rob Rogers, Tracy Chowdhury, and Gregory Wilson, which is a pretty all star line-up. The important thing about this anthology is that it’s for the benefit of the victims of Hurricane Sandy, so its a genuine good cause that all of these writers are contributing to – hence you should definitely click the link and partake.

I should also note that my story Fallen Heroes has been included in Newcom Press’s sampler along with the work of Nina Allan, Tony Ballantyne, Chris Beckett, Gary McMahon, Mercurio D. Rivera and Lisa Tuttle. Newcon publishes some of the best new SF and fantasy, and I’ve found them a joy to work with, and so if you fancy a good read for the princely sum of 77 pence, I can heartily recommend this introduction to Newcon’s wares.

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