This is the story that appeared in Deathray a few months back, which they’re happy for me to repost on here by now. I’m planning this to be the first in a sequence, but we’ll see how that goes.

There is a somewhat peculiar genesis for this particular story that centres on a live role-playing group that I and some friends created, and for which I wrote an extensive backstory at the time. As I quite liked what I’d written, but couldn’t exactly publish it more widely in its original form, I’ve taken some of the plot points and adapted them for this story, and its (hopeful) sequels. We’ll see how it works out.

Anyway, on that point, I should probably give a nod of thanks towards, particularly, Dave Young, Jamie Jones, Kieran Walker, Andy Hodgson and Dave Huxter, and of course the inimitable Andy Connell.

The story is here, and please enjoy.

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