Heirs of the Blade – further reading.

Keen-eyed readers may have noticed that Heirs of the Blade brings in a number of characters previously seen in the short stories on this site. This is obviously because of my immense skill in foreshadowing and plotting ahead and not at all because several of those characters just wouldn’t leave me alone until they got […]

New Story: Cities of Silver

This is going to be the last short for a while, as I’m on the very cusp of starting on Book 9, which so far going under the working title of “I haven’t the faintest idea what the title will be” or, given that my publishers have a fondness for punchy titles, “I haven’t the […]

That is not dead which…

In the Mythology panel I was on at Alt Fiction with KD Laity and Mark Chadbourn, the topic came up of writers who created their own enduring mythologies. Tolkien got an airing, of course, but also in the spotlight were writers like Tove Jansson (1) and, of course, HP Lovecraft. Mark pinned Lovecraft as almost […]

New story (as promised) – The Last Ironclad

I’ve been getting my teeth into some more short story writing before the bell tolls and it’s round one for the next actual book (book 9, title still up in the air, unfortunately (1)). This new offering is The Last Ironclad and, as the title suggests, it’s a direct follow-on from Ironclads, which you should […]

A Very Merry Mythmas to all our Readers

Not in any way festive, and thereby able to offend all denominations at once, my compliments of the season are to be found here with apologies to all concerned. Be warned, it’s somewhat of a large pdf.

New Story: The Chains of Helleron

As most of the recent stories have been, this is another sequel. In this case it’s the sequel to The Sun of the Morning, and unlike Rooftop Lovers or The Price of Salt it follows very closely on. The explots of Captain Mornen and his company are intended to form something almost like a novella […]

New Story: Rooftop Lovers by Adam Gauntlett

A new story here for March by Adam is here for your delectation. This follows on from his Counterspies, which you can find here. Rooftop Lovers includes a few spoilers for Dragonfly Falling because of the time it’s set, but nothing overly significant. Enjoy!

Sequels and things: new story – The Price of Salt

Firstly, thanks to everyone who pitched up at the various signings. For those that didn’t, and that do want a signed copy, watch this place. I have plans afoot. It’s been a while since the last new story went up, partly because of, you know, writing books’n’all, but also because of being unable for some […]

The Naturalist, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Apologies for the gap in posting, but life has been hectic all roung. New job, for example. Yes, day job, still. The whole writing shenanigan is not enough to settle the bills as of yet. (1) However, a new story detailing the murkier side of Collegium academia, because whilst the books are full of academics […]

The Sun of the Morning, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

This is the story that appeared in Deathray a few months back, which they’re happy for me to repost on here by now. I’m planning this to be the first in a sequence, but we’ll see how that goes. There is a somewhat peculiar genesis for this particular story that centres on a live role-playing […]