Nine Worlds Geekfest and the Week of Geek 2014

So, that was Geekfest, a large-scale convention that came out of nowhere around the beginning of the year, funded itself via Kickstarter, occupied a large chunk of two big hotels at Heathrow and had a mind-bogglingly bewildering variety of panels, lectures, games and activities for fans of just about all tastes. And it was, frankly, […]

Destination August

Just a brief post to give my schedule for the doings on 8th August and for Geekfest. On 8th August I’m signing at the Milton Keynes Waterstones (Unit 72, Midsummer Place, Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes) at 2pm. After that I will be doing hopefully a reading, a Q&A and signing at Leadenhall Market Waterstones (2-3 Whittington […]

My Experience of Edge Lit 2 : A Pictorial Guide

1. I am aghast at your suggestion! Aghast!(1) 2. About to deploy wrist-mounted blaster cannon / interviewed by a Dalek 3. Consumed with horrid glee. 4. I disagree with what you say and shall destroy you later. 5. “With a look of pensive meaning / as of ducks that die in tempests” (2) 6. Dropping […]

Rare Sightings of the Greater Eyebrowed Author.

I have some dates coming up that I’d like to share with you. Firstly, and inconveniently just before the new book, I’m at Edge Lit doing various panels & c. in Derby on Saturday the 13th July. After that, War Master’s Gate is well and truly released into the wild on the 1st August (and, […]

The Prince

Wow, er… Eastercon was over a month ago, eh? Well, back in the land of the blogging, sorry for the gap. My main excuse is that I’ve been too busy writing to update here. Seriously, it has been quite crazy. I’ve had a buttload (1) of short story opportunities to follow up, some of which […]

Coming soon to an Eastercon near you

So EightConSquared, a.k.a. Eastercon 2013, is on the horizon, and I finally know what I’m doing at it, so for those who are coming (or thinking of it) the programme can be found by following the links here. For me, my contribution can be measured thusly: Friday 29th at 7-8pm is the fantasy Genre Get-Together […]

Seventeen flavours of news

Firstly, regarding the advent of the Great Aethernet Adventure, if you hop over to its site you can see fellow author Ian Whates getting a grilling. Also, the regular paperback sized Air War is out and to mark it, my usual blogging has been somewhat diverted to the Tor UK site. Therefore, there’s a double […]

Tor Q&A and Edge Lit

Quick post to say that I’m now confirmed for Edge Lit at the Derby Quad on 13th July 2013  for those that fancy it. It’s a very pleasant, quite varied, small-scale literary event, and there are usually a decent crop of writers there. Also, in the lead-up to the release of the paperback (or anyways […]


Although the Elder Scrolls Online trailer has given me sufficient food for thought for a second stab at the MMO genre, I’m still weighing the wisdom of taking up arms against that particular sea of troubles. However, I did want to set out the various conventions and other shenanigans I’m down for this year, in […]

Next Big Thing

I appear to have got involved with some sort of devious meme called the Next Big Thing, and have been tagged by the redoubtable Tom Lloyd in his post here. So conjured, I can but obey. And, because I am always on the look out for opportunities to give away snackies, my Next Big Thing […]