And here we go again, following on from Empire in Black and Gold and the rest of the first plot arc, and finishing with a special sneak preview.

The Scarab Path

Jodry Drillen – Phil Avery(1), Accius/Malius (the Vekken) – Lance Reddick, Berjek Gripshod – Giancarlo Esposito

Praeda Rakespear – Freema Agyeman, Hrathen – Danny Trejo, Amnon – Idris Elba

The Sea Watch

Laszlo – Dominic Monaghan, Tomasso – Andy Connell, Helmess Broiler -Don Cheadle

Paladrya – Nicole Kidman, Arkeuthys (voice) – Benedict Cumberbatch, Mycella of the Aldanrael – Jennifer Connelly

Heirs of the Blade

Lowre Cean – George Takei, Salme Elass – Michelle Yeoh, Dal Arche – Tony Jaa

Varsec – Julian Barratt, Varmen – James Purefoy, Maure – Evanna Lynch

The Air War and War Master’s Gate

Straessa the Antspider – Katee Sackhoff, Eujen Leadswell – Michael B Jordan, Averic – Tom Felton

Gerethwy – Jim Parsons, Lissart (te Liss) – Emma Watson, Edmon – Noel Clarke

Willem Reader – Jeffrey Wright, Sartaea te Mosca – Tamsin Grieg, Castre Gorenn – Dichen Lachman

Pingge – Nicki Clyne, Esmail – Paul Bettany, Tactician Milus – Edward James Olmos

Seal of the Worm

Metyssa – Patricia Tallman, Orothellin – Ian McNeice, Messel – Vincent Cassel

There aren’t many characters new to book 10, understandably, but these three have significant roles to play. Metyssa, as the name suggests, is a Spider-kinden, one trapped in Collegium after the events that rounded off War Master’s Gate. Orothellin’s identity, or at least his kinden, you may be able to guess from his name, and Messel? Messel is something completely new.

Thanks once again to everyone who contributed. I have had an indecent amount of wholly self-indulgent fun putting the cast together. Probably I’ll do the same for Guns of the Dawn when it comes out, so any suggestions gladly received as and when.

(1) Yes, I know, but he would have been perfect.

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