So the paperback edition of Guns of the Dawn is now out, and to celebrate I thought I’d mock up an entirely spurious casting of the film that Hollywood is surely clamouring to make (1). I had fun when I did this for the 10-film epic of Shadows of the Apt (2). For the sake of because I like it, the SOTA casting calls are here, here and here.

It’s a weird thing, working out an imaginary casting for the film nobody is making of your book. You keep thinking, “Yes, but would they take that role?” to which the answer is “WTF is wrong with you this is entirely in your head anyway.”

So here are my picks for Guns of the Dawn (3).

emily emily bluntnorthway alan rickmanscavian chris evans

Emily Marshwic – Emily Blunt; Cristan Northway – Alan Rickman; Giles Scavian – Chris Evans

tubal david monteithmarie jessica bielmallen robert carlyle cropped


Tubal Salander – David Monteith; Marie Angeline – Jessica Biel; Daffed Mallen – Robert Carlyle

brocky kevin chapmanmary ginnifer goodwin croppedalice carey mulligan John Brocky – Kevin Chapman; Mary Salander – Ginnifer Goodwin; Alice Marshwic – Carey Mulligan

dr lam stellan skarsgardluthrian tom hiddlestonpenny emma watson Nathaniel Lammegeier – Stellan Skarsgård; King Luthrian IV – Tom Hiddleston; Penny Belchere – Emma Watson

resnic john noble croppedelise jennifer morrisonnorthway hugo weaving Colm Resnic – John Noble; Elise Halley – Jennifer Morrison; Justin Lascari – Hugo Weaving

caxton saoirse ronancarl gottred al barclaypordevere toby stephens Ruth Caxton – Saoirse Ronan; Carl Gottred – Al Barclay; Sir Huillam Pordevere – Toby Stephens


(1) Rights still available! Call now!

(2) I like to think there is some bug-ass crazy alternate universe where this actually happened, with the exact casting I specified. Except Jim Carey played Tisamon.

(3) Coming soon to an alternate universe near you!

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