12 non-festive cartoons

Because it’s the season, my gift to you is a dozen cartoons that have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas whatsoever. I make no warranties as to whether they have anything to do with humour, either. Click on each one (hopefully) for a larger image. Anyway:

The World of the Insect Kinden

Herewith the lands of the Insect-kinden, as so far revealed. Click on each map to view in full detail. All maps are the work of Hemesh Alles. The Lowlands, showing the Three City Alliance The East-Empire and the Exalsee The South and West-Empire and the Dominion of Khanaphes The Spiderlands And last, for now, the […]

News roundup: Fantasycon, New cover art and cheap kindling.

Latest news from the world of the insect-kinden: Firstly, I will be at Fantasycon 2011 this year (1) and I’ve been asked to sit on a panel on Trends in Fantasy Fiction, 10am Saturday. I will hopefully be essaying a reading too, as the five people who came to the last one at Alt Fiction […]

New Art – cartoons by Jaroslaw Rybski

Something special this time – Jaroslaw is the translator who has worked on books 5 and 6 for Rebis in Poland, and gave me these cartoons (and more) when I met him at Pyrkon. I’ve been remiss in holding onto them until now without posting them on site, so here is the first batch.


Just behold, that’s all. Courtesy of the very talented Mr Sullivan.

New Art! Tynisa by Tula Lotay

I am also delighted to give you: Tynisa Enjoy!

New Art! Cheerwell Maker by Kekejefferis

It’s been a while, but we have some new art. As posted elsewhere, Kekejefferis has painted Cheerwell Maker on Deviantart here.

Bee-kinden by David Mumford

There are small city-states of Bee-kinden in surprisingly many places. They are a quiet, industrious people who do their best not to trouble their neighbours. Bees work tirelessly for Spider overlords in the south, and cling to the inhospitable western coast. Most of all, however, Bee-kinden are slaves of the Empire. They are an Apt […]

Scorpion-kinden, by David Mumford

Scorpion-kinden live lives of violence, greed and savage joy. Raiders, traders, slave-takers and mercenaries, they can be found making a brutal living across the Empire, the Spiderlands and the eastern Lowlands. Clawed and belligerent, they respect only strength. For the old, the weak, the infirm of purpose, there is only death or flight. So it […]

Moth-kinden by David Mumford

    The Moth-kinden were once the dark masters of the Lowlands, holding the lesser races as their slaves. Then the revolution came and their power was broken by the new weapons and machines that their former subjects devised, and that they could not understand. Now, centuries later, they plot and argue in their mountain […]